5 Fresh Color Schemes to Revamp Your Home

5 Fresh Color Schemes to Revamp Your Home

Looking to give your home a facelift? A little color goes a long way. If you don’t have an artistic mind, it hard to imagine what colors go together to give you the ambience, vibe, and warmth that you are looking for. Color also greatly affects our mood and attitude. Check out these color schemes to give you some fresh ideas for a décor that suits you, from top to bottom.

1. Dinning Room – Red

While red seems like a very intense color, it has the power to energize a room and attract attention. Red has also been noted to increase appetite, making it the perfect color for the dining room. Go for a vibrant and exotic Moroccan style with red, orange, gold and printed textiles or try a more timeless look with burgundy accompanied by champagne or gray and accents of mustard.

2. Kitchen – Yellow

Yellow tends to brighten a room and foster rejuvenation. Yellow can make us feel uplifted and can also create an illusion of a larger space. Try a more muted yellow or saffron color to tone down the intensity. Pair it with white for a fresh, clean, and classic look, or add black and auburn for a more modern look.

3. Living Room – Purple

Living rooms are the most versatile room in the home when it comes to color, and purple is a very versatile color. Lavender is associated with calm and peacefulness. It is a warm yet subdued color. Darker purples give an appearance of richness and elegance, while still offering a soothing quality. Complement this with ivory, cream, or pink for a more feminine look. For a more universal, contemporary look, use sharp black or white and an accented charcoal.

4.Bedroom – Green

Green reminds us of tranquility, health, and fertility. It is restful to the eye and believed to relieve stress. This is why green is a shoe-in for a bedroom. Go for a muted olive tone with cream and dandelion, or use it as an accent wall or sprinkled around in accessories or curtains.

5. Office – Blue

Having an in-home office can be an incredible advantage and an incredible challenge. When working from home, you will need an office that is comfortable, while at the same time, promotes productivity and energy. While some might see blue as a cold color, when paired with warmer hues it can be motivating without being too intense. Try a rich turquoise with subdued shades of blue or purple, or a sophisticated pale blue and gray scheme. You can also simply add a blue textile or blue accent border.


Whatever color scheme you decide on, make sure to check out all the different shades that are available and take home swatches to mix and match. Think about the color of your furniture and a color theme for your accessories to create a complete work of art. Remember, don’t be afraid to tap into your inner Picasso. Happy painting!