Imaginative Concepts For Your Kids’ Rooms

Imaginative Concepts For Your Kids’ Rooms

Stylish Interior For Princess GirlLong gone are the days of boring bedrooms with the lonely bed in the corner, toys shoved under the bed, and horse wallpaper. Long live the days of inviting, creative spaces, dynamic colors, and stylish storage solutions. When did kids become so cool?

Here are a few fun, personalized ideas to help spark your imagination to reinvent your child’s room.


Children often come to their room to just relax or go to sleep. Try soft tones like lavender or powder blue to ease them towards slumber. Use fluffy comforters, softer lights, and even beanbags or big pillows on the floor to create a completely tranquil experience.



With a creative child, branch out from the typical easel and paint. Transform your child’s room into an art studio by creating an entire wall for creativity with chalkboard or white board paint. You can also apply a metallic paint or a metal sheet for magnet play. String wire from one wall to another to hang your child’s art in an imaginative way or display toys on mounted shelves like an art installation.



Create a quiet reading space with a comfortable reading nook or loft. You can design secret play areas by adding curtains, a wall, or blocking off an area with a bookshelf. For a more adventurous get away, create a tent bed with a mattress on the floor and a ceiling tent, with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.



Princess: For an imaginary feel, decorate your child’s room like a princess’ palace by hanging costume jewelry on the wall, wrap a tutu skirt around a side table, add an elegant canopy, or a lofted bed with a castle casing. Add a small table and chairs for any guests the princess may be receiving for tea.

Outer Space: Ever want to fall asleep in space? Apply glow in the dark solar system decals on the wall, include a spaceship shaped bed, some cool neon light accessories, and a lamp that projects the infinite beauty of outer space onto the ceiling.



Shared rooms are more of a challenge, especially if you have kids with very different tastes. Try to create their own personal spaces by putting their beds back to back; the headboards will create a sense of separation. You can also paint & plan a different color scheme for each side of the room, or add a reading or play space in a loft to give an opportunity for individual activities. You can also make little nooks for each kid with their bed and belongings and add a curtain for privacy.


Make sure your child has an area for all of their belongings so they can keep their rooms neat and functional. Think about what they like to do, and what personality type they have, and integrate it into your design choice. Ask them for help in designing their room, and turn it into a fun project. After all, they are the ones who have to live in it!