What Your Bathroom Says About You

What Your Bathroom Says About You

We all want our homes to reflect our character and personal charm. Before you renovate your bathroom, let’s look at what different bathrooms can say about you.

The Minimalist

For the Minimalist, less is definitely more. You want the bare minimum, with clean and clear counters. If you are a minimalist, go for a simple, basic, coordinated design. Make sure to install appropriate cabinet space to tuck away any essentials.  Opt for simple lines, light colors, and modest modern pieces.

The Life of the Party

Boring just simply isn’t in your vocabulary. Bring the party to every part of your house! Stay away from monochromatic tones and go bold. Add an accent wall, or funky wallpaper to brighten up your bathroom. Pick fixtures in unique shapes and colors.  Try unique designs such as a rock floor, Arab style tiles, or a 20’s style theme.  Or check out these fabulous up-cycle accessories for some far-out inspiration.

The Chiller

All you want to do is relax! Your bathroom is your sanctuary.  Use soft tones, lights that can dim, and candles to create a calm atmosphere. If you like music, you can install bathroom speakers for some calming tunes. Invest in a nice garden tub, with space around the edge for bath products, a book, or a glass of wine.

The Bookworm

Spend a lot of time in the bathroom? Ever consider installing a bookshelf there? It can serve multiple purposes; you can showcase your bathroom reading material and store towels, accessories, or extra supplies. This works best if you have another bathroom, just in case guests get caught up reading one of the classics!

The Claustrophobe (In a good way!)

You love open space and these tiny bathrooms just don’t cut it. In this case, you will probably want a more spacious bathroom; even one where more than one person can be in it (especially if this will be your only bathroom!). Have a separate area for the sinks, and limit the amount of fixtures to the essentials.  Try adding a window to give the illusion of a bigger space.

The Self-Aware

If you like to know what you look like before you leave the house, transform your bathroom into a multipurpose changing room. Add a full-length mirror and a few swinging mirrors so you can use them to see from behind as well. Add a bench to help make any adjustments. Make sure you choose natural looking lighting so you know what you will actually look like outside.


So, what will your bathroom say about you?