How to Create a Family (and Guest) Friendly Kitchen

How to Create a Family (and Guest) Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is a place that you can find friends and family cooking, eating, and appreciating each other’s company. Whether you are accommodating children who might fix their own snacks, adults who needs a space to organize meals and entertain guests, or even pets that eat in the kitchen, the goal of family-friendly kitchens should be to bring everyone together.


When creating an inviting space, you want to make sure there is ample room to not only prepare food, but also to entertain. Choose an open concept design by having as few walls as possible and merging adjoining rooms to encourage mingling. Having an open concept design will not only give you the space you need, but will provide ample natural light to provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere.


A kitchen island is essential to creating a family-friendly space. This allows you to have a workspace that you can share, lets others participate without getting in the way, and provides you with extra storage and seating. Add comfortable bar stools for an informal eating arrangement. If you need more space, consider adding a kitchen nook for a cozy dinning area. For a cool hi-tech idea, provide a convenient place for friends and family members to charge their personal electronics, in a drawer or cabinet. You’ll always know where phones, tablets, and laptops are, and guests won’t be walking back and forth to various outlets.


Storage can be a challenge when remodeling your kitchen. You want storage spaces to be easily accessible yet out of the way. If you have space, build a walk-in pantry to organize all of your items. Kids will be able to find things more easily, and putting away groceries will be a breeze. Make sure everything has a place, which will leave counters clear and work zones ready.  Stow away trash and recycling bins in a pull-out cabinet which will leave your kitchen looking cleaner and bigger.


When you think about renovating your kitchen, be sure to ask your experienced contractor for ideas and tips. Be prepared to answer questions such as: How many kids do you have and what ages? How do you use your kitchen? Do you host a lot of guests? Do you have any pets? You might even want to describe a day in the life of your kitchen. Explain what works and what doesn’t. With this knowledge at hand, your contractor should be able to build a kitchen that is both inviting and practical.